Overview: A face-to-face course designed and available for all those who are seeking job as a Scaffolding Competent Person & Scaffolding Inspector, professionals and those who want to learn the latest techniques of modern scaffolding.

Course Duration: 05 days

Eligibility Criteria: Professionals and individuals working in an organization, those willing to build basic foundations of Scaffoldings.

Course Suitable for: Scaffolding officers, Managers and supervisors.

Course Contents;

  • CP/01/01: General requirements.
  • CP/01/02: Frame scaffolding.
  • CP/01/03: Tube and clamp.
  • CP/01/04: System scaffolding.
  • CP/01/05: Information checklist.
  • CP/01/06: OSHA regulations.

Benefits: Enhanced skills and knowledge on modern scaffolding structure and inspection.