Risk Assessment (U.K)

Course Duration: 2 days

Center Number: 13260

Overview: A classroom and on-site course designed to provide understanding for the basic principles of fire, fire prevention, types, hazard and risk assessment, role of fire warden/marshal, basic requirements, checklist of fire safety and fire safety equipment.

Eligibility Criteria: No specific requirement by the awarding body, person must have basic understanding of English.

Course Suitable for: Everyone who is starting his career in the fire safety, workers and fire officers working for fire department, managers and supervisor of the same.

Course Contents;

  • What is risk assessment.
  • Legislation and risk assessment.
  • Identify the hazards
  • Who may be harmed and how?
  • Quantitative risk assessment.
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Record the significant findings.
  • Review.
Benefits: Students
will be enable to recognize potential fire hazards, help them take active
participation in fire risk assessment and fire rescue operation. Other benefits
will comprise of identification of right type of fire equipment, methods of
fire prevention and spread prevention, technical identification of the material
and substance.