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Industries protect their property from ravages of fire with sprinkler systems, fire detection/alarm systems, fire extinguishers etc. The front line of any fire protection system is the first aid firefighting with available fire extinguishers. Unfortunately, not all industry realizes how important it is to train their personnel in the safe operation of a fire extinguisher. Using an appropriate type of extinguisher on a small fire can prevent it from growing to a large devastating fire. A fire can destroy a business and cause significant unemployment and even death. Protect your employees and your business by training your staff in the proper use of a fire extinguisher.

Fire Safety Standards
As per Govt of Pakistan
Building Code of Pakistan
Fire Safety Provisions –2016
(Based on NFPA 10 Fire Code -2015)
Fire Extinguishers should be installed as per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 10 Which provides requirements to ensure that portable fire extinguishers will work as intended to provide a first line of defense against fires of limited size.
Safety Standards Consultants is NFPA Member in Good Standing of the
Building fire Safety System Section
Member # 3476239

Fire Assembly Points (FAP)

Fire Assembly Points (FAP) will be assigned for all buildings, i.e. Colleges, Universities, Offices & other commercial and non commercial premises.
The location of the FAP will be displayed at major ways. All personnel evacuating the building must know where their FAP is and must be instructed to report there as quickly as possible in an evacuation

Means of Escape

Means of Escape Doors Emergency escape doors, including those along escape routes must not be locked or fastened that they cannot be easily and immediately be opened by any person who may require them in an emergency.

Fire Spread

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Detection Equipment

Action in the event of fire

Environment protection consultancy

Every organization should ensure their organization to comply in accordance with the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997.

SSC Pakistan is leading Health, Safety & Environment Consultants having a strong team of environmental specialist with a wide range of practical experience and plays a proactive role in protecting nature with our suite of environmental services. SSC Pakistan provides a range of environment protection services and international certification courses. Our solutions cover all layers of Environment.